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Specification of Road Barrier Tanaga

Road Barrier is one type of vehicle road safety equipment used as a roadblock. This product is usually used in alternative roads and main roads. Road Barrier can also be filled with sand or water so that when exposed to the vehicle does not move or move. PT. Harmony Pilar Sentosa selling road barrier made from various materials, among others, plastic, fiber, concrete and iron. It is one of many traffic signs used by the government to curb road users.

Road barrier is temporary because it is not planted directly to the road body. Its use is by being laid on asphalt or temporary. This tool can be moved at any time if it is not needed. The material often used to make it is plastic, but fiberglass can also. PT. Harmony Pilar Sentosa selling fiberglass road barrier, has many advantages when compared to models made of plastic. Although the purpose of the manufacture is to curb traffic, it needs to be built with a strong structure because the risk of damage persists, especially if the road is often traversed by heavy vehicles, such as cars or trucks. In addition to these two materials, concrete is also often chosen because it is stronger and heavier. However, fiber is not lost in terms of strength because the material is designed using modern technology.

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