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Tanaga Cooler Box 450 Litre
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Specification of Tanaga Cooler Box 450 Litre

Cooler Box / Cooler Box Tanaga 450 LitreTanaga Coolbox is a product that is used as a place to store food ingredients such as fish, meat, shrimp, vegetables, fruits, cold drinks, frozen food and other food ingredients. Tanaga Coolbox is very economical, environmentally friendly and durable and resistant to hot weather so it can maintain the freshness of the raw materials of your product.Type: HoleSpecification:
* Leather from Original PE plastic that is safe for food & beverages (FDA)
* PU insulation to maintain temperature stability in the box
* Capacity: 450 Litre
* Inside dimensions
D: 1170 mm
H: 500 mm
* Outside dimensions
D: 1185 mm
H: 675 mm
* Weight: 47 kg
* Price: Rp. 3,450,000
* Hole type is Drain Outlet / Plug: 2 inch
* There is a rubber bandAvailable in 5 colors:
Yellow, Red, Tosca, Blue, Orange

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